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Wednesday CI Course by Otto
Movement Research class by Otto


NOTE: No classes planned at this moment – email me if you want to be on the mailing list!

Otto will teach weekly in-depth Contact Improvisation classes, using his background in contact improvisation, contemporary dance/floorwork, acrobatics, qi gong and meditation.

The class is open for beginners to advanced dancers. The classes will be given as short courses of 4 weeks. This will give us the opportunity to dive deeper into the material with the same group of people for (at least) 4 weeks. We can repeat excercises and incorporate it into free dance so it gets into our body. Lifts, weight sharing, being aware of your moving body and that of your partner, rolling point of contact, rolling on the floor and up in the air!

Because we have two hours per week, there will be a lot of time to integrate everything into your own dance, letting everything go and enjoy the rich world of contact improvisation.

Upcoming evening course:

Minimum of 8 people before the course can start (max. 16 people), so ask friends/family/total strangers to join you!

Price: 40 euro for 4 classes of 2 hours. Sign up by sending an e-mail to

If you cannot join the whole course or want to try it out, email me for options.

If you want to join but finance is an issue, also send me an email, maybe we can work it out.

Movement Research class by Otto

NOTE: No classes planned at this moment – email me if you want to be on the mailing list for upcoming classes!

ENG: A short hour where we explore our ways of moving, with the help of imagery, body sensations & awareness. We try to create a state of flow and joy while exploring our individual movement patterns and options to expand our creativity in moving in the present moment.

This class is based on my experience with Gaga dance, movement research, contact improvisation, contemporary dance and more. It is (mainly) individual, no steps, no dancing experience required, and usually a pretty good workout for your body.

NL: Een klein uur waar we onze manieren van bewegen onderzoeken, met behulp van beelden, sensaties en lichaamsbewustzijn. We proberen een staat van flow en plezier te creëren terwijl we onze eigen bewegingspatronen onderzoeken, en mogelijkheden om onze creativiteit met bewegen in het moment te vergroten.

Deze les is gebaseerd op mijn ervaring met Gaga dance, movement research, contact improvisatie, hedendaagse dans en meer. Het is (voornamelijk) individueel, geen pasjes, geen danservaring nodig en normaal gesproken een aardige workout voor je lichaam 🙂


No classes planned at this moment – email me if you want to be on the mailing list!

From of the 22nd of JanuNary we start again!
Every Friday (well, most Fridays at least..), from 20.00 – 21.00
Walk in base, but registration upfront could be handy: .

Price: 7 euro per class or 6 euro per class if you buy a 5 classes card for 30 euros. (Note: this card is not usuable for other EdanZ events).


No new workshops planned at this moment.


April 26 2020 – Tom Goldhand
Dayworkshop on Sunday. More information will follow!
Time: 10.00 – 17.30

November 24
 2019 – Tom Goldhand: To my partners center & beyond
In this day workshop in Groningen we will be exploring and playing into our partner center and venture from there into the periphery and beyond into lifting pathways.

We will be moving in and out of our mutual center of gravity in contact, and bring our own center of mass over our partner’s center of mass.

Time – 10:30-17:30 with an hour of lunch break
Investment – Sliding scale according to financial capabilities
Low Income/Student – 50 Euro
Normal wage – 60 Euro
Higher income/ Willing to support others – 70 Euro

More info & registration: Check the Facebook event or email us.


April 21 Cancelled due to Easter!
April 28
– Anneroos: Blindfold jam!
We will discover new qualities of movements while being immersed in the darkness, and we allow our other senses to expand. We will follow the flow, and connect with each with other in a playful and focused way. To keep it safe, we will move slowly, and pair up blindfolded dancers with sighted spotters (and of course switch after some time).
May 5 – Otto: Freedom in resistance
Freedom, freedom, freedom, oi! Today we will work with resistance. We will notice when resistance breaks the flow, and we notice when not resisting can break the flow. What opportunities resisting in a right way may bring, what new discoveries, unexpected moves and fun.
May 12 – Donate: ‘Simpele liften, vliegen en dragen’. We gaan onderzoeken hoe je heel simpel kunt liften en gelift worden. Hoe herken je een aanbod en hoe doe je een aanbod? Hoe draag je jezelf en de ander?
English: we are going to research how you can lift and be lifted in an easy & simple way. How can you recognize an offer and how do you make an offer? How can you carry yourself and the other?
May 19 – Anneroos
May 26 – Harm Jan
June 2 – Otto: “The topic of tonight will be Back to Back. Getting comfortable with feeling the others and you own back, walking back to back, lifting back to back, sliding back to back. We start with bringing awareness to our backs on our own and grow into partnerwork. ”
June 9 – Guido
June 16 – Donate: vandaag is het thema ‘meer dan een duet’. We gaan onderzoeken hoe een dans groter kan worden dan een duet, hoe kom je er bij, hoe nodig je iemand erbij uit, hoe houd je contact met meer dan 1 persoon in de dans….. en meer!
English: Today the theme is ‘more than a duet’. We will research how a dance can become bigger than a duet, how can you join, how can you invite, how do you stay in contact with more than one person in a dance…. and more!
June 23 – Wanda
June 30 – Anneroos
July 7 – Wanda
July 14 – Anneroos




July 16 – 21Dutch Contact Impro Festival 2019

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