WELCOME on the website of Contact Improviation – Groningen!

Contact Improvisation is a free danceform without choreography, where you find in the moment the right movement and composition from connection with yourself & your surroundings. We will be inspired like children to refind – Playfulness – joy – surprise & beauty!
Let magic happen!
Every session will start up with an introduction class by a more experienced dancer.
After that we will play together for the remaining 1 hours, to dance, be with yourself, make contact, watch, hug, enjoy each other, yourself & the music!
We would invite you not to speak in the room, use your body language or crazy voices to communicate.
Bring yourself & Bring your friends!
& Bring comfortable clothes.
Every SUN-day!
Intro 19.30-20.30: €5,- (€4,50 with the card system)
JAM 20.30-21:30: €4,- (€3,-)
Together: €8,- (€6,-)
Doors open/welcome at 19:00
If you only want to JAM you can drop in after the introduction.

EdanZ – Studio 3 – van Oldebarneveltlaan 6 – Groningen

Feel welcome to join us on Facebook and check the agenda for workshops

Hope to meet you in our dance & feel welcome to join our events!

Moving greet,

Contact Improvisatie

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